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Coffee and Cream Cotton Chenille Scarf


Item collection 96982052 3710 4899 9841 bdd5d0cae099

Light Blue Cotton Chenille Scarf


Item collection 30308480 62b4 4940 a603 c0cdee331d44

Blue Cotton Chenille Scarf


Item collection 318337ee 20b9 4475 bd41 ec006f73376e

Blue Crocheted Cossack Hat


Item collection 0e70276c bbb6 4fb3 80e4 b4889b905fb2

Blue Crocheted Beanie


Item collection 699d8e63 f6fa 4ce3 9c76 5fe4ceea9cd2

Rose Crocheted Beanie


Item collection 472334dd 8fac 4162 b269 c4cab7154bf8

Yellow Crocheted Cotton Skinny Scarf


Item collection fcb807d2 5ef7 4dbb 97fc 6d1902d81de4

Green Crocheted Beanie


Item collection fd466b24 65fa 4d2c 9a4a d9218b8f3145

Green Crocheted Rayon Skinny Scarf


Item collection 34d19503 321f 4411 b6c4 018cf36c5656

Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf - Antiquities - Royal Blue


Item collection d792fd90 7183 4860 97d6 8916eb14d2cd

Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf - Blue / Gray


Item collection 02120c95 6627 4154 b83f 9c752ef80a98

Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf - Glacial Series - Blue Salmon


Item collection 909c6a7c c484 4e4e 8d5a e60fa7e054f2

Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf - Glacial Series - Ice Fern


Item collection 36d2679b 3e02 4a68 ab0f eb766596c727

Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf - Glacial Series - Lavender / Ice Fern


Item collection 266f6b48 dd8e 4839 812f ae4d6e6ab898

Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf - Imperial Rose


Item collection 04d234d8 dcbc 490b b1ce 8f9a37e054e8

Pink Diamond Chain Scarf


Item collection 1e7913af 1a10 489d aac6 1985c1b4208b

Red Checkerboard Cotton Scarf


Item collection e49b79f0 dd39 462a 9a30 42a99d14d497

Variegated Teal Skinny Scarf


Item collection 1162495 original

Crocheted Flapper-Style Cloche Hat / Brown, Gray, or Blue


Clarify Wearable Textile Art LLC - skirts, blouses, sweaters, & more

I offer clothing to be a base for building your wardrobe, be fun and easy to wear, and meet your needs while blending with garments already in your closet. You will find basics as well as one of a kind and unique truly wearable art. For complete information on sizing please see my profile. Thank You for looking.

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