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Tan and Orange Cotton/Linen Blend Sweater, Size X Small


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Midori Green Linen Jacket - Size Small, X Small


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Green Tea / Floral Aline Skirt


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Rose Coral No-Zipper Skirt


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Ruffle Skirt in Red Poppy Cotton Print, Size X Small


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The Blues Knitted Tank Top Sweater - Size X Small


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Yellow / Floral No-Zipper Skirt


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A Line Skirt in Cotton Purple Poppy Print, Size X Small


Clarify Wearable Textile Art LLC - skirts, blouses, sweaters, & more

I offer clothing to be a base for building your wardrobe, be fun and easy to wear, and meet your needs while blending with garments already in your closet. You will find basics as well as one of a kind and unique truly wearable art. For complete information on sizing please see my profile. Thank You for looking.

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