Item collection 12dc76c1 62de 4429 8446 b1f95d6a499b

Teal Cotton T-Shirt Sweater - Size Small


Item collection e8d621db 6266 4e65 9024 74c603cf16d5

The Blues Knitted Tank Top Sweater - Size X Small


Item collection 744b19fa 1faa 40e1 8f0c be3089d08e8e

Cotton Short Sleeve Sweater - Bold Colorblocking Zig Zag Styling - Size Medium


Item collection 4ee697c8 c742 4f73 a10f f6c92ca839a0

Turquoise Sleeveless Cotton / Modal Sweater - Size Small


Item collection e49b79f0 dd39 462a 9a30 42a99d14d497

Variegated Teal Skinny Scarf


Item collection aa12d0e5 f8f2 4666 98fe 503a77079d45

Knitted Camisole in Vivid Space Dyed Yarn - Size Small


Item collection 15ca2c4a 7c51 4181 abcd fd01bbfcb4e7

Vivid Space Dyed Knitted Camisole, Size Medium


Item collection 825fac90 02ee 48f2 aac7 5c832e91b22b

Vivid Space Dyed Knitted Camisole, Size Medium


Item collection 30608146 27ef 4a05 89e2 3ad77a2e47c9

Camisole Knitted in Vivid Space Dyed Medium


Item collection 801989 original

Vivid Space Dyed Sweater, Cap Sleeves, Size Medium


Item collection ac706347 8834 44f7 b7f2 5d42da7efe2e

6 Gore Boot Skirt with Decorative Stitching, Sizes S, M, L


Item collection 405dada9 2125 47d7 a3be 2e357ee03ad0

Yellow / Floral No-Zipper Skirt


Item collection a4d67df5 2a8b 4767 b7a9 228b5c1f217b

A Line Cotton Skirt Navy with Print Border, Size Small


Item collection 85d88225 6830 4794 8156 e8d7854cf12f

A Line Skirt in Cotton Purple Poppy Print, Size Small


Item collection 801801 original

A Line Skirt in Cotton Purple Poppy Print, Size X Small


Item collection eb0f53b2 397d 43de bc4a 3c6f1237f92b

Abstract Print Blouse - Size S


Item collection e6bb190c 701e 4161 9b3a 9900e4721f84

Aqua Lotus Flower Button Front Blouse, Size 16


Item collection 80b3bdb0 1c76 4be6 a01e ddb38efa096f

Bento Purse / Lunch Bag - Parrot / Tropical Print


Item collection 0e201a58 cd4e 4569 b53e 0b004ce2c734

Black Print on Gray Sunbrella Hobo Bag


Item collection 801853 original

Blue Pointillist Print Button Front Blouse, Size 4


Item collection 4a6a6fa5 22c6 4fff b159 aa35b6343f18

Turquoise and Green Print on Gray Sunbrella Hobo Bag


Item collection 48abdf08 5be7 4df4 b0b3 cae51977c781

Butter Cream Yellow Cotton Sweater, Size Medium


Item collection b5f77d23 3624 4bf8 a505 e8107bc3e471

Lime Stenciled on Blue Back Pocket Purse


Item collection 8d929585 23e1 4c5c b0db 42cd9a68c575

Gray Embroidered Pocket Purse


Item collection 8e31711d 2c13 4eb2 8502 8a36231221fb

Cheerful Gray Embroidered Pocket Purse


Item collection 64dba567 2ada 4690 bd78 3566a5ff6ba6

Coral Accent Pocket Purse


Item collection f4480feb 38ed 4b0b 9e56 16bc7f0105dc

Fanciful Gray Embroidered Pocket Purse


Item collection d7a39272 24dc 436f 98c0 2c5e9a8dc3cb

Cotton Blend Sweater in Space Dyed Boucle, Size Large


Item collection 3e31cc34 9a80 40bb 967d d0c6d51e1a94

Cotton Camisole Batik with Little Fish, Size 10


Item collection 336f9c12 195c 4477 90a9 30793948c295

Cotton Low Back Cap Sleeve Sweater - Size Large


Item collection 835044 original

Cotton Short Sleeve Sweater in Azure Blue, Size Small


Item collection 1162495 original

Crocheted Flapper-Style Cloche Hat / Brown, Gray, or Blue


Item collection 2b4f60d9 2205 4d6c 9ca5 b1f4ee05a221

Crocheted Purse with Yellow Flower


Item collection b7c62ea9 7087 4f47 aa95 a18206fb69f1

Deco Design Felted Purse


Item collection 28865870 1079 415d 9c8e 7353fc6ebf2b

Elastic Waist Skirt in Hawaiian Floral Print, Sizes Large, X Large, XX Large


Item collection 658c47a4 05d7 43ef 82f6 e111b6b9b58b

Elastic Waist Skirt in Purple Hawaiian Petroglyph Print - Size XL


Item collection e467949f 7336 4274 b9ee 2ddea94fa503

Elastic Waist Skirt with Scroll Embroidery, Size X Large


Clarify Wearable Textile Art LLC - skirts, blouses, sweaters, & more

I offer clothing to be a base for building your wardrobe, be fun and easy to wear, and meet your needs while blending with garments already in your closet. You will find basics as well as one of a kind and unique truly wearable art. For complete information on sizing please see my profile. Thank You for looking.

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